Our team

» We want to be the partner of choice for all companies in our branch. «

» With our customers we share the passion for unique materials. We support them with the best tools and machines to manufacture products on world-class level. «

1. Appreciation
» We treat each other with respect, we help each other and we appreciate the contribution of every single one to our overall success. «

2. Integrity
» We all are part of König and we represent our company. In our business operations we are honest, fair and transparent. «

3. Reliability
» Our word is true and persistent – our colleagues and business partners can rely on it anytime. «

4. Innovative capacity
» Continuous development and improvement are essential – while we still keep our roots in mind. «

5. Sustainability
» We rise to new challenges and create resilient solutions in all fields of our company. «

6. Professionalism

» We are professionals, we master our jobs. We think economically, our decisions are made with responsibility, we are committed and focused. «