Bridge Saws

The Italian company GMM, founded in 1993, is the manufacturer of excellent production machines for the stone industry. In the last years, GMM has developed into a world-leading producer of Bridge Saws. All over the world, over 8000 machines have been sold. GMM offer a broad product range, starting from simple SPS controlled bridge saws up to High Tech CNC-controlled sawing centers.

Offering advanced, reliable and affordable, as well as effective solutions is the GMM philosophy. “Maximum quality at minimal cost for the customers” is the motto.

Edge polishing machines

Comandulli - this term stands for edge polishing machines of top quality, innovative technology and high operating comfort. A worldwide basis of over 14.000 machines in use is a testament of great quality and reliability. 45 years of experience, in-house research and development and a production facility in Castelleone/Italy are a guarantee for highest investment reliability. The broad range of available machines offers the right machine for every company.

Processing centers

Company Omag was founded in 1979 by Angelo Albani and is since developing and distributing processing centers for cutting and precision processing of Marble, Granite, Engineered Stone, Ceramics and Glass. All in all, the company employs 70 people. Since 20 years, Omag has been enjoying an excellent reputation in the stone industry.  The machines can be modified and tailor-fitted to any individual requirement. Omag are not only planning and manufacturing the machines, but they are experimenting and researching in their own very modern workshop for innovative technical solutions.

Dust extraction plants

Italmecc has been founded in 1979 and is a manufacturer for dust extraction and water purification. Originating from a natural stone company, the development of the plants has always been very close to practical needs. Silicosis which often affects stone masons, is an incurable disease, but it is avoidable by the use of appropriate dust extraction machines. Company Italmecc works on the continuous development of new solutions, starting with water based systems up to filter plants. Due to a worldwide export to over 20 countries, more than 3,000 machines have been sold to satisfied customers.

CNC tools

Company ADI was founded in 1980 and today, with over 160 employees they are one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of diamond tools for stone processing. Great Know How, excellent co-operation with machine manufacturers and the great significance of research and product development are the key to ADI’s great success.

ADI put great emphasis on the quality of their raw materials: the year-long close cooperation with the same suppliers guarantees the continuously high quality level of ADI CNC tools.

Since 2003, König is the German distributor for the renowned Italian CNC tool producer ADI.

Vacuum lifting technology

Company Manzelli, situated in northern Italy, has been producing vacuum lifters since 1978 for many different industrial branches and is well-known for the quality of their products. Since 2005, company LIFTSTYLE owns the Manzelli brand and is in charge of the marketing. Thanks to 30 years of experience, Lliftstyle is one of the leading manufacturers of vacuum lifting technology.  All products are made of high class materials and are easy to use and to maintain. Moreover, they fascinate with their Italian design. The Manzelli brand stand for vacuum technology in perfection.

Pump technology

Stone Care

Stone Care

Surface protection and -sealing


Pneumatic tools

Electric tools

Electric tools

Electric tools

Electric tools

Transport- and storage systems

Compressed air units

Safety at work