Machine service

Our service team in Karlsruhe is happy to be at your disposal for any question concerning machines and corresponding tools.

Professional assembly / installation and start-up of the machines is guaranteed by the König service team with our own personnel. Out technicians bring the tools to fit your machines and establish a resilient, functioning system.

We don’t leave you alone after machine installation. If requested, we take over the maintenance for your machine. No matter if Flensburg or Munic – our service is at your disposal all over Germany.

Production machines from König

– always a good feeling –

because service and counselling

are our priority.

If you have problems with a machine or corresponding tools, our support technicians in Karlsruhe answer your questions on the phone (0721-40905-800). For diagnosis, our technicians can dial into your machine directly via internet. Problems can be analyzed and solved within short term. If your problem cannot be solved this way, we have a team of competent field technicians to service you on site. Naturally, our service team speaks German.


Machine downtime costs money, therefor instant help is required. We hold a comprehensive spare part warehouse which enables a short-term shipment of needed components.

Software training can be done before machine delivery in our own training center, creating a well-founded basic knowledge for your machine user already before start-up or the machine. This shortens familiarization periods to a minimum of time and costs can be saved.

But this is not where our service ends. We are happy to be your consultant for process optimization in your production and in the field of production technology. Moreover, we offer machine financing by leasing or lease-purchase with well-adjusted installments and terms. When selling a new machine, we take in second-hand machines if possible. Please ask for a quotation for your second-hand machine. We offer complete solutions from one hand in partnership cooperation.
Ask us, we are here for you.